in which the weekend starts not with a bang but a letdown

The weekend was to start auspiciously. I came home from work, got a cold beer, and made the boy take a photo of me for outfit-documenting purposes.

Candy-striper dress, H&M; red lace slip, vintage; belt, Target; mary janes, vintage; Until There's A Cure bracelet.

Then, before dropping in on some friends, I decided we should get a bite at the Puerto Rican restaurant down the street. This is where things went horribly, irrevocably wrong.
Who knew that things as simple as a corn fritter, some fried plantains, and some Puerto Rican-style tamales could be so disgusting and inedible? As a bonus, the garlic "sauce" (canola oil with slices of garlic) came with some dead ants floating in it. I should have stopped there and run away, but no. We attempted to eat the terrible things we'd ordered, despite the rancid taste of stale grease. While picking at my soggy lukewarm tamale, I realized that if I were to fall ill with food poisoning this weekend, I would know exactly what to blame.
The four- and five-star reviews baffle me. Is there another Sabor Latino out there in Logan Square? One that serves edible, tasty food? Because the Sabor Latino we ate at last night DOES NOT. I need a shower just thinking about it.


kate said...

DEAD ANTS? I am seriously hurling.

lalaland13 said...

Yikes. Not good, not good at all.

I had two decent meals this weekend in Dallas, at a steakhouse and the Cheesecake Factory. But I didn't pay for it, and I am also probably easily impressed. Portions were way too big, though. As usual.