art for art's sake

I fear becoming one of those sighing, dissatisfied people who constantly says things like "well, I'm just not impressed with X in this town". Admittedly, my summer in Chicago spoiled the hell out of me, and the transition back to smallish-town Cincinnati and academia was less than wondrous. However, I am extremely lucky, as the Contemporary Arts Center seems to be looking out for me and catering to my very picky and opinionated visual-arts needs at every turn.

I went to the CAC for last night's opening of two new exhibitions: a Maria Lassnig retrospective and Carlos Amorales' Discarded Spider. It's highly unlikely that you're anywhere near Cincinnati, but if you are, please go to the CAC and check it out. Discarded Spider was amazing, beautiful, fantastic, subversive, and completely innovative. It reinforces my love of the contemporary arts coming out of Mexico right now, and especially appealed to my vaguely disturbian sensibilities. As I was leaving for the night, I stopped to say goodbye to a friend who works for the CAC, and suddenly she was introducing me to Carlos Amorales himself. I probably stuttered something incomprehensible and inarticulate, as I am utterly in love with his work and therefore unable to function as a normal human being when actually meeting the artist. Swoon.


Stacey said...

Aww, I love you. Anyway, English is not his first language (second, maybe third? I don't know, he's all brilliant and international) so I'm sure he found you almost as charming as I find you!

Thanks for coming to the CAC to see the show. It was great to see you.

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