get the "performance fleece" jingle out of your head

For someone with student debt, an unpaid internship, and the pathological need to keep stocking my closet with new dresses, I have been sadly and inexcusably ignorant of Old Navy's cheap summer wonders. I was enlightened just in time to realize that all my $20 or less obsessions are no longer in stores / the website does not have things in my size. I keep clicking over anyway to gaze adoringly at the following:

My dear Panda wore this dress out on Sunday evening. I cornered her about it, wondering if it was a Cynthia Vincent or French Connection. No- Old Navy. 100% silk. And it looks dead fabulous on. Of course, it is no longer online at all.

Frantic clearance searches on the Old Navy website led me to the sleepwear section. 100% silk- not an unbreathable synthetic blend!- and costs less than a bottle of my favorite cava. Is this real? Yes, this is real, and taunts me by not being a S or M. (oh, vanity sizing!) Sigh.

More lustful gazing at nightwear (including a romper, which I never ever thought I'd consider) to come, as I try to assuage my sudden need to spend money on loungewear instead of wearing old sweat-shorts to bed.

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