quelle surprise

How to throw a truly surprising Surprise Party:
fly the guest of honor to NYC without telling her of the destination until that afternoon.
fly in a dozen or so of her friends from all over North America for a long weekend.
converge upon Brooklyn and prepare yourself for some very girly squeals.

Surprise party activities included the Brooklyn Flea Market, at which I finally acquired a gigantic, tacky-fabulous cocktail pinky ring, and an unsatisfying excursion to the Barney's Warehouse Sale on Monday afternoon. I had completely run out of money (but not out of credit cards!), so I stepped out of the subway ready to do battle at the racks for markdowns. Once we saw the line- immobile, sweltering, and stretching down an entire block- we turned around and went back to Brooklyn without even attempting competitive shopping. (I had a limited time frame that afternoon before it was necessary to dry my tears and get to the airport, and spending three hours of that last afternoon in line was simply unacceptable.)

A gigantic pinky ring is an accessory for all occasions.

Other activities included an impromptu makeover, repeated assurances that my eyebrows are not that wonky-looking, and the invitation to sample fancy Japanese skincare toys that led to a "hmmmmmm" about this cleansing brush. Also, I'm going to start using an industrial amount of hairspray on my bangs each day to shellack them into place, as every photo taken seems to highlight my completely messed-up fringes and their inability to just lay down and be pretty once let out into the wild.

I mean, we'd just finished rollerskating at Coney Island in a very sweaty enclosed space, but still.

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myrtlebeachbum said...

Gosh darnit!

P.S. So much beauty.