I could never spell "lingerie" correctly. Thanks, spellcheck.

I always have this happy little thought that I will come home from being out all day and change not into old workout pants and a hoodie and slippers, but into something silky and soft and pretty for lounging and reading and readying myself for bed and the next day. Do I do this? No, not really. Generally the old yoga pants win out, or the fluffy ugly robe. This is why it's best not to drop in on me unannounced, unless you have a thing for puke-green fuzzy slippers. (Yes, really. These slippers are so unappealing as footwear that the cat recognizes them only as a pelt of some sort, and is always grooming them in the hopes that they will turn into something soft and cuddly to play with, and stop being kicked off under the bed.)

But, in my mind, if I had the following, I would totally come home at the end of the day and swan around in glamorous things that define the phrase "let me slip into something more comfortable".
Oh, pardon me, did you say "cashmere"? Sold.

Maggie said it best about this slip: "...so you you have a little something going on when you ask him to unzip your dress." "Satin", in this case, equals 100% polyester, so not so good for the sleeping (and waking up three hours later with your sweaty slip stuck to you in its nonbreatheable way), but so, so good for flouncing about in.

Modal (bamboo): really good for breathability! And I don't really look great in a drop-waist anything, as my natural waist is at empire-waist level, but ooooh, it also comes in purple.

It's nylon, which is also sweaty-sleep inducing for me, but also ON SALE! Hey, Old Navy, if you can make that lovely "powdered milk chemise" seen in my previous post in 100% silk, why not just go all out in your factory and go all silk, all the time?

Oh, yum. It also comes in black, but this deep teal is peacocky and perfect, and hey, it's mostly cotton! It's $30, which puts this slip high on my list of things I will probably buy on the internet at 1 am on a whim.

I never, ever thought I'd go "ooooh" at a romper, but there you have it. Skinny Bone Jones has converted me to the romper and its all-in-one-ness, and when this says "silk", I'm really, really hoping it means "actual silk". I'm tempted to order and find out.

Yes, everyone in the world loves this romper from The Lake & Stars. Add me to that list.

"Trashy Diva" may be an unfortunate name for a brand, but I have this slip in beige silk and it's amazing. I trust them, name nonwithstanding.

I feel like this swingy little thing would be the most comfortable thing ever, if it weren't for the damn polyester component. Please produce this in a cotton blend?

Of course, a lovely robe, also from Trashy Diva (hello, it's called the "Hepburn robe"! Impossible to resist!) in silk crepe de chine should top this all off. And I need a new robe. (My current robe was stolen from my high school costume storage room in 1999. I think maybe its time has passed.)

Agent Provocateur won't let me grab a photo of the lovely garter belt that I lust over, so linking must suffice.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go do some heavy hinting about what might make excellent gifts for one's girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

The Lake & Stars romper features cotton blend silk, they always use fine quality fabrics.

The Domina said...

I am addicted to slips in general, but I would DIE for that cashmere slip!

Anonymous said...

To motivate yourself, find a nifty little place to hang a few chemises or rompers in a high-traffic place in your bedroom/near closet.

Not only will they remind you that they're there for you to frolic around in gaily/coyly, they'll flirt with your loverbird on your behalf when you're not prancing around in them!

I realize I sound like a bad Cosmo ad from, oh, 1956, but it's true! Damn it.

SDJaxies said...

i'm in love with most of trashy diva--dresses especially. most of my most successful outfits look like i escaped from an episode of mad men.