leader of the pack

I'm currently staring with wonder at a pile of suitcases, boxes, rubbermaid totes, and laundry baskets. I'm supposed to fit all this in a Honda Civic? Plus the cat?

I'll be leaving for Ohio tomorrow morning, assuming I can cram myself into the driver's seat by shoving the laundry basket out of the way. I have no idea what shape I will find my apartment in upon my return, and more importantly, I have no idea how I'll be able to drag all this crap up three flights of steep stairs without assistance. I assume the next three days will be fully devoted to unpacking, freaking out about things I cannot find, and making multiple trips to Target.

And then I start my last year of grad school. And then I commence to freak out again. But for now, packing up the kitchen and vacuuming the floors wildly will keep me busy enough.

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