a spectacle of myself

Today, as everyone who crossed my path before 2 pm will readily tell you, was not a happy sunshiny Cute Overload kind of day. It was the kind of day that starts far earlier than I would like, did not include coffee, and then spiraled down into my leaving the house with twenty-four pounds of stuff* shoved into two bags and slung across my back for a good 25-minute walk. Uphill, for good measure.

And then I find out I must not wear my contacts for the next two weeks, minimum. In order to help make my eyes healthy and happy, they must be free from contact lenses until sometime in mid-October. Now, I do like my frames, but I also like having peripheral vision quite a bit more. When it's suddenly not a choice to wear glasses, but a necessity, it seems like a burden. Unfortunately, the prescription in my glasses is currently about four years old, so I've got the added aggravation of having to acquire an up-to-date set of lenses for my frames, which will undoubtedly involve a trip to (shudder) Wal-Mart for the cheapest solution. Nothing good comes of a trip to Wal-Mart, I promise.

*Why in god's name must I carry twenty-four pounds (oh, I made sure to weigh it when I arrived home) worth of stuff to campus for two classes? I can not give you good reasons, but the reasons cited by my Business Law teacher included an essay on jurisdiction that would possibly require our notes, our massive textbook, and a laptop. I want a wheelie bookbag, like those kindergartners with delayed muscle development. Sob.

I am consoling myself by browsing Tulle's website for pick-me-up pretties. Such as this dress, which immediately puts me in the mind of a 60's flight attendant via Thierry Mugler via Pierre Cardin.

And these gloves (in royal blue or graphite) which are an absolute necessity for wearing with a 3/4 sleeve coat.

And ooooh, this skirt, which is a very lovely ($34!) alternative to the J Crew patterned skirt that grabbed my eye this week.
Tulle, $34.

J Crew, $175. That's enough to buy the Tulle skirt, gloves, dress, and overnight shipping.
I think we can declare a winner in this.

(J Crew might win me on this mustard wool pencil skirt, however. Depending on its eventual clearance price and my self-control.)


The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

Picture! Picture!

You post a picture of yourself in glasses, I'll post a picture of myself in mine.

Anonymous said...

I still have two Tulle coats that I love and will probably keep for a long time. One is a very soft sky blue brocade, and the other is a bubble gum pink wool. That skirt is v. pretty!

M said...

you need that red dress!

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