You know how people tend to say "well, I don't really believe in astrology, but ohmygod my horoscope is right on I have to read you yours / I had my chart done and it was like, eerie / I really think that Mercury is messing with me right now"? And then you roll your eyes, because dude, it's astrology. You may as well start wearing dreamcatcher earrings.

Ok, so I don't follow my horoscope, but the Capricorn personality profile is fairly accurate for me ("you look good in neutrals and like lists and order and you are responsible and driven and a control/power freak" = you are booooooooring and slightly dictatoresque). And this post Gala did a while ago on astrological style is very lovely, and my stuff is dead on:

23 December – 19 January

Outfits By The Stars

Capricorns are often workaholics, & so they dress to fit with that. For them, work isn’t just a place they go, it’s an extension of them, & something laden with meaning. It’s not just corporate Capricorns either — the more arty Caps dress for their profession too. Regardless, they like to have the best. Their Louis Vuitton bag would never be a replica. Some of the Capricorn woman’s favourite things include classic tailoring, showing off their great legs, pinstripes & dressing down on the weekend.

Now, how about the universe getting it together and depositing those Louboutins, bangles, and that Fendi dress into my closet?


sigourneyfever said...

I am also a Capricorn, and I must say, in theory, this is true. However, I am also a broke-ass Capricorn, so sometimes I can't afford "the best" of everything. However, I do find myself drawn to dark clothing and deep greens, blues, and browns, so I think there might be something to this.

Also, apparently, we Capricorns don't hit our stride until our 40's or so. Which is awesome, because it will take me about 15 years to save up for those Louboutins.

Jennifer said...

According to mine (Scorpio) I should be wearing a sequined dress, so I guess they got that right. Mine's not black, but almost everything else I own is black so I suppose that makes up for it. They definitely nailed you on the great legs!

(This is J.Culp, btw. Apparently I have a blogger account as "Jennifer" that it wants me to use.)

Jennifer said...

Also, I'm jealous of Sagittarius's boots.

nadarine said...

The disconnect between "must have the best" and "cannot in any way afford anything that could be described as Best" is so sad, SigourneyFever.
Just ask my Mastercard.

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