target market

I went to Target this weekend to pick up some mundane things: toothpaste, blank cds, dish gloves, and so forth. I left Target an hour later with a Discover card receipt that indicates I found much more to purchase than just household basics; this may be a clue as to why Noah refused to go run this supposedly quick Target errand with me. He knew that Target has begun to tempt me with their merchandise in ways that can only lead to financial ruin, such as:

This dress, which I bought on Saturday. It is flouncy and short and has a sexy / bad-ass exposed zipper down the back, and although I'm far too old to really pull off the schoolgirl look, I plan to wear this with over-the-knee suede boots come fall and pretend Iggy Pop writes songs about me.

Perfect for bringing books back to the library, yes? Or bottles of wine and hunks of cheese to an impromptu cocktail party! I wish I'd bought this while I was there.

Also: oh, lord, the cosmetics section. I was (relatively) good and did not plunder the new fancy makeup lines, but I have a serious craving to go back and swab the testers (makeup testers! at Target! wondrous!) and find out if any of the new lines contain my holy grail of lip balm: a semi-glossy cherry red balm (sans sparkles for less of a Vegas effect) that does not smear all about, drip or get too sticky, or dry out my lips, and also does not require a separate brush and a hand mirror to apply. (I look at you, Benetint Balm!) Pixi, Jemma Kidd for Target, and NP Set all may have contenders. At $15 to $18 a pop for lip color, I plan to thoroughly scrutinize every potential purchase.

Damn you and your excellent marketing plan, Target.


CMoore said...

I recommend heading to walgreens and checking this out (http://www.walgreens.com/store/pickcolor.jsp?CATID=100561&navAction=push&navCount=0&id=prod397803&skuid=sku397802) in raspberry smash. It actually goes on more cherry like and has a conditioning stain effect on the lips. I have a hard time not looking like I've had a breakfast of red popsicles the morning after wearing it.

nadarine said...

Oooh, how glossy is it? More a balmy type, or more a super-shiny gloss? I am intrigued.

CMoore said...

semi-shiny gloss, a little sticky at first but okay if your lips are well moisturized. I was actually in Tar-gay today and looked at those prices for the pixi etc compared to the l'oreal juice. In my Target they are even found in the same aisle. I also cheated on my precious MAC today with some of the l'oreal H.I.P. eyeshadows hoping that they would replicate some of the effects of the pigment pots without the impact on the wallet.

That all said, I really do like the staining effect of the juice and when I strolled the aisle the raspberry smash was very sold out.

The Minister said...

MAC tendertone in hot and saucy. Not super glossy, and it's sheer and red and smells like strawberry mentos.

(OMG, I can't believe I haven't read your blog in a month! Bad otter!)