delicious distraction

When one's lover moves away to a far-off foreign country for a long-ass time (say, Taiwan for eight months or so), distractions become necessary. If you have the leisure time to sit and pine and fret and think about how heartbreakingly much you miss said lover, things will get very sad very quickly.
If you can't plan this move to occur at a time at which you are extremely busy with things like finals and assorted schoolwork, try to pick up at least four dozen new highly involved projects (teach yourself C++! run an Ironman triathalon! build a new home from scratch!) to keep from curling into a tiny little ball in the corner of the bed and crying softly to oneself.

Thankfully, in this situation, I'm already racing to keep up with academic deadlines, and so didn't have to undertake anything quite so drastic as building Richard Serra-esque art installments from scraps of aluminum. Instead, I've been throwing myself into smaller projects to keep from going into full-on melancholy mode. High among these distractions has been a cooking blitz, which yielded a tasty riff on a recipe from my well-worn copy of The Four Ingredient Cookbook. (I highly recommend this cookbook. It's so ridiculously simple that no one, no matter how kitchen-phobic, will be scared off. Every single recipe I've made has been astonishingly good, and they're always a good take-off point for more complicated dishes.)

The "We Are SO FULL OF FIBER" Lentils
(so named for the reaction of C, upon eating this dish. "OMG, D, we are so full of fiber right now.")

1/2 c dried lentils
1 c water
1 tbsp smoked paprika
4 oz fat-free feta (it's much easier if you buy the pre-crumbled kind rather than a block)
1 tbsp sun-dried tomato paste or sauce
6-8 canned/jarred artichoke hearts

Boil the lentils with the water and the smoked paprika for about 20 min, stirring as necessary. When they're looking moist but not falling apart, remove from heat and stir in about 3 oz of the feta and the sun-dried tomato paste / sauce. Mix well, and divide between two serving bowls. Mix 2-3 artichoke hearts in with each serving, and top each with the remaining 1/2 oz of feta and remaining artichoke heart.


Anonymous said...

I own this book and the recipes are so quick and easy that it makes you feel like you Julia Child. Word of caution though - some recipes are not low in fat (such as the alfredo)

nadarine said...

Yes, anything with the main ingredients of cream and butter is bound to be fatty and delicious. (That particular alfredo sauce recipe is worth it, however- it's so incredibly rich, and worlds above any preservative-filled canned alfredo monstrosity.)

Courtney said...

i am so...full...of fiber. mmmm.

M said...

skip c++ and go for java instead! better yet, come visit and we'll eat 50 deviled eggs and drink eggnog.

nadarine said...

You minx, M! I love deviled eggs, and I make a supremely boozy eggnog.