inadvertently mellow yellow

Black marsupial hoodie, Macy's; grey silk ruffly dress, Old Navy; black knee-high socks; black flat boots, DSW.

Yes, this is incredibly yellow and poorly-taken. See what I mean about needing a tripod (and some decent evening lighting)? I need to stop balancing the camera on a bureau and then scampering across the room for a horizontal shot.

I realize I am very Gala Darling-esque with the boots and the silk dress and the hoodie. Yes, that's the Old Navy silk dress- good eye. Yitzak is to my right, posing for you as well.

Dear lord, I'm tired. I must think of something to wear tomorrow that will support my waking up 15 minutes before leaving the house. Preferably pajamas. And a duvet.

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Anonymous said...

Something about the yellow tinge works. You look amazing...I love your glasses!

Also, orange kittehs, FTW.