not a dry eye in the house

This afternoon, a classmate remarked that he'd never seen me be overcome with emotion. "That's because my default setting is you don't want to mess with this", I said.
Also, he's never seen me cry because he's never been around me while I listen to This American Life. (I was listening to the "Ground Game" episode on my walk to class this afternoon and started getting weepy about the half-mile point. Zero to misty-eyed in 11 minutes!)

Things that make me cry while listening to This American Life episodes:
(especially if I'm listening to the podcast while on public transit, doing grocery shopping, or otherwise am near people who can see me start crying for no apparent reason)

-Oh, god that is the saddest, most poignant thing I've ever heard.
-Oh, god, that's the happiest, most joyful thing in the world.
-Oh, god, just stop poking me in the soft bleeding-heart place! The empathy hurts!
-Oh, god, I have such a thing for Ira Glass. Keep talking in your sexy radio voice, Secret Radio Boyfriend.


helen said...

There is nothing on this earth that makes me cry as much as the "Unconditional Love" episode of TAL. I am actually getting misty and emo just thinking about it right now. OMG. Need to go get a tissue.

helen said...

AND! When we both lived in Chicago, I would sometimes drive past Ira Glass's home. It was not creepy, I swear.