ooh la la

What the Honorable Mayor of Bethville wants, the Honorable Mayor of Bethville gets.
Plus, it's really hard to take daily outfit shots without showing my glasses unless I get really creative with the posing.
Beret, berets.com (how delightfully self-explanatory); black tank; mustard 3/4 sleeve sweater, Forever 21.

Why yes, I did buy a beret. And now it smells like smoke (eew), as I wore it to a bar last night and forgot that people still smoke in bars in Kentucky.
This shot is obviously a rumpled after-bar self-portrait, but I'm still the definition of "jaunty angle" with that beret. Why did I ever fear hats?

Fur collar wrap, Via's Vintage; stretch cotton gloves, vintage via eBay; stretch satin sheath dress being hidden by my fur and dramatic hand gesture, custom-made (Carole Bruns in Minneapolis- she's goooood).

Whoah! Formalwear!
I wore this to class the other night. Not as a "I feel like wearing stretch satin and fur to campus" ensemble, but as a costume for a PR pitch of "Vertigo". The lining of that fur is a brilliant green, which always makes me think of Kim Novak's fur in the restaurant shot of "Vertigo". I had to find a way to bring that into the presentation, so hell, why not go all out and midcentury-glam it up?

I am having a hell of a time finding a way to take outfit shots at home. I may have to get a tabletop tripod and find some self-timed setup, as this outstretched-arm shot is going to get really old. Plus, it's hard to hold the camera steady when your gloves are a rather silky cotton and you keep losing your grip on the camera body while pressing the shutter.


The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

Okay, you need to wear those glasses forever because they are adorable.

nadarine said...

I really do like the glasses- especially now that the lenses have an up-to-date prescription so I can see when wearing them. I just don't like being FORCED to wear them 24/7- what if I want to work out? Or have peripheral vision? Or do fancy eye makeup not hidden behind lenses?

But yeah, I do love the frames- and they're cheapies!