Over the next week or so, I'm going to be attempting the Stupid Human Trick of maintaining my sanity and composure while screeching from one big fucking thing to the next. (Such as: a big, awesome Panda wedding with a 16 hour round trip travel time; a big, terrifying accounting final; an equally terrifying accounting final project that has almost reduced me to tears already, and I haven't started on the actual work yet; and oh yes, my boyfriend leaves the country for an undefined amount of time to be spent living in Asia next fucking week.)

Plus, I'm still stuck wearing glasses 24/7, which means that working out involves lots of sweaty slippery spectacles and awkward pauses mid-tricep-curl to push back my glasses.

So, yes, I am more than slightly insane at this point. Donations of scotch and brie and massage welcome after all this is over.

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Kaye said...

hope things begin looking up! definitely go visit Noah, Taiwan is amazing :)

miss ya in Chicago!