When you mother asks "can you make the gravy?", and you know that the other option is powdered gravy from a packet, just say "yes, I can".
And then, only after you've made a kick-ass gravy and everyone is full of feast-y bits, mention that you'd never made gravy before and were just kind of messing around and making shit up as you cooked.
Watch her brain decide whether to explode with confusion or admiration.


Anonymous said...

1. I can't believe you gambled on the T-Day gravy, yo. That shit is BOLD. If there were funky or NO gravy at my place setting on the big day, I would faint dead right into my mashed potato pile.

2. You are awesome. Pls. tell me you took notes.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it was a bold move. And I am duly impressed! Also, I'm starving right now and just salivating at the thought of gravy.