climate change

It's 35 degrees today, but I still refuse to give in to actual wintry weather and start wearing jeans every day. As long as I can get by with thick wooly socks and dresses, I shall.

This dress is the most comfortable thing ever. It's made of sweatpants, essentially, and is cozy and lovely and really, it has no business looking as pretty as it does. Sweatpants dress! Hooray!

Grey sweatpants dress, Delia's; black wooly socks, American Apparel; boots, vintage;
scarf, Target; gloves with little tiny buttons up the side, Tulle; bracelet, Until There's A Cure.


Anonymous said...

OMG, a sweatpants dress! I live in sweats, now I can do it prettily! Hooray!

Jen said...

Are those the AA thigh-high socks? Do they actually stay up? I'm wearing knee-highs today, but the gap between sock and skirt is a bit chilly, and I'm not big on tights.

Also: please convince me that it is okay to wear brown and grey together. You do it, and it looks fine, but somehow I haven't been able to convince myself. I have weird color-coordination issues.

nadarine said...

Jen: I love the AA thigh-high socks. They DO stay up all day! This pair is about a year old, and no slippage.
And you can absolutely wear grey and brown together, I promise. If I got over my navy blue + black fear, conquering grey + brown will not be traumatic.

Liz said...

Fabulous outfit!

The Domina said...

I LOVE the AA thigh-high socks, it is amazing how they stay up like magic.