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About a month ago, a very rollicking dinner of ribs and beer with a dozen or so friends ended with an excited remembrance of our favorite Y.A. books. Other bar patrons were probably befuddled and annoyed at a group of us trying to recall the title of a certain book- "you know, where they move to an old house next to a graveyard, and then that girl tries to drown the other girl, and then she bikes to the library, and then the floor caves in!"- until finally, someone yelled at top volume "Wait Til Helen Comes"! It's good to be friends with other book-dorks.

There seems to have been a dichotomy in other girls' lives as to whether they read Sweet Valley High or the Babysitter's Club series- one or the other, but never both. Ann M. Martin and Francine Pascal held equal sway over my bookshelf, but I did get annoyed with those blonde twins and their "perfect size-six figures" after a bit. (Way to instill body insecurity in a nine-year-old, SVH!)
I don't remember many pertinent details from the BSC series, but I do remember Claudia's outfits. Oh, how I wanted to be like Claudia when I was a kid! Photographic evidence of me in hot-pink high-tops, black leggings, a gigantic men's dress shirt, and a tapestry vest shows just how much I took fashion cues from a fictional Japanese junk-food fiend. (Someday, I will find these photos and scan them. There may also be photos of a ten-year-old me wearing a big fisherman's sweater over a ruffly bridesmaid's dress, in what I call my "Marc Jacobs totally ripped this off for Perry Ellis" look.)

And then I found What Claudia Wore. It is a public service, really, to catalogue Ms. Kishi's wardrobe choices for posterity. Kim does not update the blog on a schedule, but each little installment of Claudia's sartorial splendor is worth the wait. Go, reminisce, and break out your tie-dyed legwarmers in celebration.


helen said...

I was both obsessed with AND majorly indignant about Wait 'Til Helen Comes. For obvious reasons.

Ruth said...

Holy crap. Wait til Helen Comes? Time travel, my friend, pure time travel.

before I go back to work, I want to point you toward claudiasroom.blogspot.com, less fashion, more BSC bashing. it's AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

By the by, Ms Nadarine, I am actually recounting this same story in an upcoming scholastic.com blog post!


nadarine said...

@badenbaden: identicle blogs! ha.

Fanya6 said...

I frickin' loved Wait Until Helen Comes! Love love love!

Anonymous said...

I was one of those weirdos who loved both BSC and SVH (I even had the board games for each respective series...still do, actually). But it's Claudia's wardrobe that still stands out in my mind. She was just so damn trendy!