pink is the navy blue of wtf

The last time I wore this dress in Cincinnati, I was caught in an unexpected thundershower.

Today, I was caught in an unexpected thundershower on my way home.

Hot pink scarf, Target (I need these in every color, for real); orangey-coral wool dress, vintage; grey tights,
Old Navy (I bought these in 2000 during what I remember as the coldest Minnesota winter EVER, and would
layer these under jeans so my legs would not turn blue on the walk to 8 a.m. French class. Yes, I did just admit that
these tights are eight years old); boots, Colin Stuart; black cuff watch, Marc Jacobs; silver cuff, Until There's A Cure.

I really need to find an umbrella that matches this dress.


Until There's A Cure said...

Adorable outfit and thanks for supporting Until There's A Cure! =)

The Domina said...

Which Until There's a Cure bracelet did you get? Love those cuffs!

nadarine said...

TheDomina: I have the silver cuff (http://www.utac.org/images/products/cuffs/silver_plated.jpg). My right arm seems to be my Jewelry for A Cause arm, as the ring I wear every day is the Allumonde ring.

UTAC: I've worn this bracelet nearly every day since 1997. It's become essential!