signed, sealed, delivered...

...literally, in fact, as Ohio's early voting was by absentee ballot that had to be (yup), signed, sealed, and delivered.
I wish I had some seriously excellent blue heels to complete this outfit, but nope. I did want to wear my blue-state-best vintage ribbon dress today, but it's probably not strong enough to withstand much excitement, and I'd really rather not actually rend my garments in ecstasy as I watch results come in this evening. Instead, I went for a celebratory headpiece.

Finally! A fascinator! Well, a feathered headband, to be precise, but I found it much more practical than a feathered clip or tiny hat made of feathers. And practicality is of utmost importance when buying such headwear, yes?

Fascinator, TaratotheT on Etsy; black tie-neck blouse, Target (it's scandalously
but blousy enough that I get to pretend you can't see my bra at most times through
the front
slit); Joe's Jeans; black pointy flats that got cut off in the photo (seriously, I need
some practice
with this tripod. And why does the lighting in my apartment suck so badly,
when the light in
here is so beautiful?), Payless.

Go vote today, obviously. I'll show you my tits!

Ok, hell no. But I will show you this:


Fanya6 said...

Fascinator! Me likey!

SDJaxies said...

i loooooove those headbands. i've had them in my etsy favorites for a million years. and now that i'm not devoting thousands of dollars to weddings maybe i can slip one to myself real quiet like.

The Domina said...

Lovely fascinator! And I adore your bracelet and ring!