some minor effort on my part

Let's not pretend I got fully dressed too often over my long weekend, ok? Yes, when I left the house on various errands, I did make sure that I was wearing clothes that matched and looked like some (small) effort had been made. And thank god for the recent suggestion of Nivea's Kiss of Color Cherry Balm, as it makes me look like I have painstakingly applied a berry lip stain and matching topcoat of soft balm, but is really just an excellent lip conditioner and costs three dollars. (Also recommended: MAC's Tendertones in Hot n' Saucy. Terrible name, wonderful red pot of balm. A little sticky, though.)

Today I must leave the house and interact with others, so:

Brown hooded pocket sweater, Macy's; grey pencil skirt, American Apparel; caramel boots, vintage; Nivea cherry balm.

As I must be out and about this afternoon, I think I'll try to find a way to parlay "run to the bank to cash that check" into "plunder every drugstore within 5 miles for more of this Nivea berry balm". I may have a little problem with lip balm addiction.


bangmaster said...


Anonymous said...

Love the color mix here. Woot!

M said...

"i need makeup!"

nadarine said...

Whaaaaat, M? Either you are clamouring for me to put on some eyeliner here, or I have just heard you desire makeup. Oh, the mind boggles.

If it's the latter, I highly suggest starting with the Nivea Cherry balm. It's not really makeup, I promise. Nonthreatening balms!