don we now our gay apparel

"Holiday party" means "reason to wear ridiculously adorable hat I bought on a whim".

Black velvet hat with veil, vintage ($8 in a Nebraska secondhand store!);
dress, H&M; belt, Urban Outfitters; gloves, vintage; shoes, MaxStudio.

Taking photos at the end of a party will pretty much guarantee that everyone looks either glazed or incredibly saucy. I'm trying to strike a balance between the two here.


The Domina said...

Your legs look fantastically shimmery, what is the secret?!? Also, adorable hat and gloves, like how they balance out the dress.

nadarine said...

I saw the shiny legs when I uploaded photos and thought "dude, how did I not notice that at the time?". I put on a mix of lavender oil and cheap drugstore lotion after my shower, which apparently led to this effect. Or maybe someone spilled a cocktail on my legs and I blocked that part out.

Anonymous said...

This was definitely scrolldown hot. I'm like, "Oh cute hat! I love that dress! Holy shit, her legs look amazing!"