more rampant wishlisting

As a child, I never felt that having a birthday rather close to Christmas was any kind of hardship. Granted, a January birthday almost always falls when school is in session, so the classroom parties and cake and sleepovers were never a scheduling issue. Rather, I found my exactly-three-weeks-after-Christmas birthday convenient, as I could just take the list off the fridge, cross off the things I received for Christmas, and simply retitle it "Birthday List".

If you're thinking ahead as to how you'll properly celebrate my birthday (hint: Laphroaig!), here are some things that would make me swoon.

I have constantly chapped lips, and applying the Korres Wild Rose tint lip butter makes them both un-chapped and so, so pretty.

Are these shoes the most beautiful things I've ever seen? Yes, yes they are.

My new funnel-neck coat is amazing, but leaves little room for a long, thick scarf under it. Solution: neckwarmer! And not only because it is called "Chunky Business".

Come now, you don't want me to have wet feet, do you?

These lacquered slide boxes come with mints inside, but I really just want them to hold my contact lens case. (I currently use one that has fallen to the tile floor one too many times, and is starting to crack in half.)

Girls like to smell pretty.

Girls also like pretty jewelry boxes when they realize that their current jewelry storage system of a bag and a bunch of necklaces draped over the tops of boots is somewhat subpar.


Fanya6 said...

That neckwarmer is ridiculous. You know I can make that, right?

nadarine said...

Can... and will? I envy your knitting skills.

Katie said...

This is why, although I love you, I cannot read your blog very often. My wishlist(s) become(s) longer every time I read it!

The Domina said...

Love the jewelry box! And I agree with Fanya6, that neckwarmer would be incredibly easy to knit, probably for cheaper than $25 since it looks like a chunky knit.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes look like they're made of chocolate. And that just makes me want them more.