still warm enough to eschew pants

Black button-up, Banana Republic; super-high-waisted brocade skirt, Tulle; boots, Colin Stuart.

...oh, and new glasses purchase last night at Lenscrafters just before closing. When packing for my flight back from Thanksgiving, I placed my lovely glasses in a hard case, and nestled this hard case amongst my clean laundry in my suitcase. When I unpacked, I noticed a little slip from the TSA saying "we went through your stuff". And then I noticed that my glasses were broken in half. Six weeks after buying new lenses for the old frames, I had to purchase both new frames and new lenses. The TSA can bite me, and they can also take my claim for the $300 it cost to replace my broken glasses and reimburse me. ("It may take anywhere from 60 days to 6 months to process claims.")


Jen said...

Ugh. Damn TSA. I hope you get reimbursed!

My glasses were actually broken by the people AT Lenscrafters while they were trying to replace one of the nose pad things. They were no longer under warranty, but the lady was really helpful and found a pair that my current lenses fit in and deducted the cost of my broken glasses from the new frames. I only ended up paying $25.

Anonymous said...

God bless you for posting the Thakoon, I'd nearly forgot. This look is very super sexy spy. I love it!

Lyz said...

Ooh. I'd like to hear the TSA try and explain that incident. Here's hoping you get your cash.