stocking stalking

When I saw Susie Bubble's post on lacy stockings, I nearly swallowed my own tongue. These are beyond hot. Stockings* like these deserve a category all their own, such as "deadly". I learned from her example and attempted to track them down at Wolford while I was in New York, and although I was prepared to spend an obscene amount of money ($90! For a pair of fucking tights!), the salesgirl claimed that these were only on sale during the summer, and sorry! we don't make them any longer! I think this is bullshit (because people in Germany can buy them! so says your own site!) and perhaps I just looked ultra-askew that day and she has veto power over who buys these stockings, as I assume they are in massive demand.

*the best part? THEY'RE TIGHTS. Full stockings, if you will. Which means they don't provide an excuse to buy a garter belt, but they fully make up for that with their massive awesomeness.

By the way, I have absolutely no reason to wear gorgeous stockings. I mean, as the boyfriend is in Asia until mid-2009, who really gets the benefit of these? The cat? The taxi driver, as I awkwardly exit the car and accidentally flash too much leg? But a girl can dream of a day on which such legwear will be properly appreciated, and on that day, well, these might make a nice purchase.

Dude. These are topped with a peacock feather design, and you know I am a sucker for peacocks.


The Domina said...

Oh, my, those are GORGEOUS! Are they then sheer to the top of the tights to make it look like stockings?

nadarine said...

Yes, they're sheer to the top after the lace border ends. SWOON.

The Domina said...

I MUST have them! I have a friend who lives in Europe, I think I'm going to force him to buy them and send them to me.

Sockluva said...

They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Would not the sexiness of the stocking-top be negated by the smoosh of the tights-top?

V. cool idea, though.

susie_bubble said...

They still sell them here in the UK...my boyfriend bought them for me for Christmas...so they don't sell them in New York at all...can you order online through the Wolford Boutique??

nadarine said...

Susie Bubble: sadly, no. For some reason, Wolford doesn't have a US online store and won't ship from a foreign store to a US address.
I envy you and your gorgeous Medallion stockings- your boy is excellent for providing such a fantastic present!