Thakoooooooooooooooooh, nice.

I'm scoping out Targets within reasonable range of my parents' house for early acquisition of the Thakoon for Target line, out Dec 28th. I believe the closest Target carrying the GO line may be 47 miles away, with the next option at a distance of 130 miles. Is this unreasonable? Um, no, not for the following pieces that I am already coveting.

Yes, ok, this dress looks v short. And I am not normally a fan of batik
(bad faux-hippie connotations). But I am still gaping with desire at this.
Please be on the low end of the pricing spectrum, pretty dress!

Pretty much everything here is what I want to wear from May through September.
Flowy geometric dress, put-together but not matchy cardigan, skinny belt. Yes, yes, yes.

And hey! Target has finally jettisoned their Headless Model theme! The models now have more than an oddly-cropped chin! This makes me far happier than it should, but dude, there was just something so OFF about having all the clothes worn by beheaded models.

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Sarah Von said...

As a die hard Target addict, I can't believe I didn't know about this! The calender has been marked!