what I did for love

Hell yes I bought this.

Sing, o muse, of the Yves St. Laurent sale at Housing Works last Thursday!

The sale was slated to start at 6 pm. Thursday was cold, dreary, and raining like a bitch. I lined up at 5:30 and huddled under my umbrella outside the front doors of the 23rd St. Housing Works, looking longingly inside at the people setting up the champagne bar, all warm and dry. Being just one person in line, rather than with a group of friends, I was able to squeeze my right arm and leg under the overhang to get a little shelter from the rain, as my umbrella was underperforming. (A few people came up to the crowd at the door and asked what in god's name we would line up for in rain like that- one of whom might have been Billy Joel, actually, because he looked exactly like him and kept giving me that "you know me! recognize me out loud!" look.)
Just before 6:00, a friend joined me in line, and then the doors opened. Then: free champagne to the left! YSL to the right! Oh god, choices. A few dealers near the front swooped down up on the racks and hauled off armfuls of clothing straight to the cash register, while we were left to shove our way towards the far rack. I felt a smack on my shoulder, and my friend shoved a handful of shoes into my hands- "size 8 1/2! Go!"- and I snagged two silky blouses from the rack to try on. (One of these ended up being purchased by the shoe-piling friend, and one by me.)

This lighting is the definition of terrible, as I took these photos on my parents'
kitchen table. But the pumps are black suede, and the t-straps are a true red suede.

I came away with a green chiffon blouse with rhinestone buttons and the two pairs of shoes above- both suede, both in utterly perfect condition. I think these have been worn maybe twice each in their lifetimes. Thank you, Housing Works donor, for having the same size feet as I do! (Narrow, too! Oh, it's a holiday miracle!)

Purchases secured, I was finally able to enjoy the table of free champagne- good champagne, at that!- and hors d'oeuvres. After umpteen free glasses of bubbly, we decided to head off to dinner, with a pit stop to pick up an umbrella from the bar at which it had been left the night before. We cab over, and as we're ducking into the bar, I notice that my friend's hands are empty. "Where's your Housing Works bag?", I ask her. "OH SWEET CHRIST THE CAB THE CAB OH NO!"
I begin to sprint. I can see the cab stopped at the light down the block, and I am chanting "don't turn! don't turn!" as I run through the rain in my very non-waterproof heels to rescue her YSL purchases from being stranded in a downtown taxi. Amazingly, I make it to the cab's back door before the light turns, and snatch up the bag from the backseat while the cabdriver looks on in confusion.
That, friends, is how the night ended. Two happy bags of Yves St. Laurent in tow, a giant umbrella, and a lot more wine.


Anonymous said...

you are a true friend for rescuing my YSL.

Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration!

Like The 700 Club or something.

Ruth said...

i'm glad you have priorities in life and are willing to sacrafice current state of look for future state of look.