wishful thinking

My actual wishlist (subtitled: "things to turn that frown upside down, missy!") right now is boring: a job once I finish school, A's in my classes, for the TSA to pay my claim for my broken glasses, sleep, and an end to the terrifying computer problems that send me into a panic and lead to seven hours of frantic troubleshooting and many more hours at the Apple Genius Bar.
(Not that that's how I spent my Sunday night and Monday morning in lieu of sleep and studying or anything.)

But, since my big amazing wishlist item (President-elect Obama! YES!) has come through, what's the harm in asking for some fun things?

I really need another sheet set, as my latest nice cotton sheets were mauled by something sharp during the spin cycle. These are not too expensive, but are 100% cotton, and a thread count of 600 means I get to pretend to be fancy.

Also fancy: a swanky silk robe. Chinoiserie and 40's! I would be sure to eat proper breakfasts every day if attired in this.

My filing cabinet is about one hanging folder away from toppling over. (And yes, I do need to hang on to those handouts from 2001 on comedic theory in performance, damn it!) Noted: I always said "filing cabinet", but apparently most of the internet that is trying to sell me one of these refers to it as a "file cabinet". Discuss.

Unsurprisingly, I am in love with this watch.

Judging by the amount of Liquid Smoke I put into recipes that don't necessarily call for it, you might surmise that I am a huge, huge fan of Islay malts. This thought should lead you to buy me a nice bottle of scotch.

My current winter coat sucks.This coat does not. Sold!

Edit: yessssssssssss. I found this very coat for 50% off at a sample sale today. Thank you, shitty economy, for facilitating these kinds of discounts.

Although I assume the above coat is pretty much perfect, I do have freakishly long arms, which leads exposed wrists all winter when a coat stops short. Snuggling my hands into this muff would be almost as good as having a bunch of kittens drape themselves over my forearms to warm me. Except I don't want to scalp kittens to make this muff. (It's vintage fur! Therefore somewhat less objectionable to this former-PETA newsletter-subscriber! Oh, fuck it, pass the foie gras.)

Does Thomas Keller need a justification? Hell no.

I keep saying "oh, I need a new bed- my mattress is simply too soft to support my back properly!" What I'm really saying is "duuuuude, I want a fancy king-sized bed."

These salt & pepper shakers are the definition of twee. So?

After this week's tech freakout, I really have no excuse not to get more RAM for my Macbook. It's not especially fun or shiny, but then again, neither is another laptop meltdown leading to a personal meltdown.


M said...

awesome rings!

Katie said...

I hear you on the freakishly long arms thing, girl. I always have to wear long-ass gloves because my sleeves are not warm enough.

We have the original French Laundry Cookbook, and it's lovely. But it's more of a coffee-table book. That man is an anal-retentive genius.

nadarine said...

Katie, I am wholly unsurprised to hear that you also have the long-arms problem. Just more proof that you are my long-lost Good German Girl twin. (or Bad German Girl. Whatever.)

Ruth said...

i can't believe you finally got that coat! amazing. congrats.