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This evening, I was discussing our respective preferred calendar/planner systems with some classmates (including, for some, the complete lack of any system), and the conversation came back to my current Big Tech Frustration: the lack of cross-syncing software for Google Calendar and iCal.

I have everything in my iCal, color-coded (why yes, I had everything color-coded by ink colors and highlighters colors in my paper schedules, too) and synced to my iPod. My old, AARP-ready, geriatric iPod. This means I cannot add any new events to the calendar if I'm out and about with just the iPod, and I also am completely screwed if I'm out sans iPod and need to check an appointment.

Google Calendar is the way to go, yes? Except: it doesn't sync with my iPod, so I must be online to use it. Wouldn't it be excellent to be able to edit and sync my calendar from EITHER iCal or Google Calendar? I cannot possibly be the first person to have thought of this, as there is a half-assed application (Calaboration) through Google that syncs GCal with iCal. But: it does not sync the other way around (rather, cross-sync between the two applications), because that would fit my needs.

Somewhere out there, a frustrated software developer must have this same problem, yes? Someone who understands that I can't afford an iPhone or even an iPod Touch with the ability to add calendar appointments? Someone who will magically hear my plea and create a brilliant program that will cross-sync the two color-coded charts that keep me slightly sane and functional?

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Jen said...

My low-tech solution is to jot new appointments on a piece of paper (or to email myself about them) and then enter them into iCal when I get home. But a cross sync would be very cool, because Google Calender is so useful for arranging group activities, like play practices and such.