eating cake in fancy clothes

Satin headband, Forever 21; silk dress with custom pink silk details, the lovely Lady at Lacquer (I cannot
believe how perfect this dress is. It arrived in the mail and fits like it was made for me. Serendipity!); heels,
vintage YSL via Housing Works extravaganza; studded bangle, Stein Mart; rhinestone bracelet, vintage.

Was it a good idea to wear a dress last night to run down the street in arctic weather? No. Was it too pretty to pass up? Yes.


a lady said...

that looks SO much better on you than it did on me--and the shoes are excellent.

nadarine said...

You are sweet, Lady- though I'm certain you looked stunning in this dress. It is my new favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely divine on you!

enterrement de vie de célibataire Paris said...

You look so great I like your blog