Team Birthday Cake, that is. I defy any of your Pie People to look at this beauteous creation and then to tell me that cake does not reign supreme.

I've been making my own birthday cakes since I was in high school and decided that birthday cake could be an excellent way to be a show-off. I've dabbled with Birthday Crème Brûlée in the past, as well as Birthday Flan, but this year, it's back to cake. I used a recipe for chocolate-almond cake from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, filled it with ganache and roasted slivered almonds, and glazed it with a chocolate-chili ganache and added the marcona almonds and chili-sugar dusting.

(Not pictured: the mess of ganache drippings and sugar spills on my kitchen floor and almond-oil smears across my glass-front cabinets.)


Ruth said...


M said...

when i lick the screen, i can't even taste it!

badenbaden said...

Good goddes, D, you are a baking Queen. I bow down.