things I failed to retain from the Metric Unit in 3rd grade math

Last week, in anticipation of making ganache for my cake, I stopped by the grocery with the simple mission of buying 24 oz of semisweet chocolate, and 24 oz of heavy whipping cream. Fancy chocolate in the cart, I moved down to the dairy case.
Shit. Heavy whipping cream is sold, inexplicably, by the half-pint. Also listed on the carton is the volume in milliliters. Neither of which is helpful in any way to me. OK, there are 8 oz in a cup. But I do not know how many ml are in a cup, because metric is like Latin in that no one knows anything about it and we ignore it. How many cups are in a gallon? Are there two pints per cup, or three? Or is it four cups per pint?

(If you're smacking your head and saying "hey, THINK OF A PINT OF BEER! and measure from there!", you have a point. But I was confused and the only context I have for "how many ounces are in a pint of beer?" is the vague knowledge that an American pint and a British pint are actually different amounts, so really that line of thought would amount to more confusion.)

I ended up buying four half-pints of heavy cream, which was quite a bit more than needed, but meant that I used the "leftover" carton for an impromptu fancy pasta dinner. Also, this proves that I really, really need an iPhone for situations like this.


M said...

yet another reason why pie is superior, all you need is a canister of whipped cream. any size will do!

Jen said...

I think my normal cell phone has a conversion thing. I did play Set on an iPhone the other day, though, which was kind of awesome.