(wo)men in tights!

I love winter so very much, really. The sledding, the hot cocoa, the incessant craving for beef bourguignon, the lack of sweat pooling in your shoes as you walk home, the excuse to stay under the covers for an extra half-hour because it's cold outside... I have made friends with winter, and we hang out.
Winter annoys me with its Tyranny of the Pants, though. At a certain point (say, the fifth or twenty-third day in a row of sub-30's temps), you realize you've been stuck wearing pants every single day, and you're beginning to look like a xerox of the outfit you wore two weeks ago. Jeans, black v-neck, black flat boots. Yawn. I want skirts and dresses and the ability to break away from denim, dammit!

Solution: layered tights and the American Apparel thigh-high knit socks I love so well. A pair (or two) of tights and a pair of thick knit socks, and hey! my legs are warm and toasty and freed from jeans. Bonus: people at the bar look at you admiringly and think "damn, that girl is seriously hardy".

Wool beret, berets.com; tie-neck blouse, Express; cardigan, the Gap; high-waisted
sailor skirt, H&M; American Apparel cable-knigh thigh-highs; Bandolino boots.

Yes, I wore heels. But heels can actually be practical when the streets are snow-packed
and slick, as I tend to shift my weight and use the heels like crampons while walking,
which I'm sure looks very odd, but hey, whatever keeps you from slipping, right?


Fanya6 said...

Hey Bonnie, where's Clyde?

Ruth said...

totally agrees with the spiky heels in the snow and ice.

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous! Love it, Dana!

Anonymous said...

and p.s. - you look 800 ft. tall and so freaking slim!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Excellent!

Anonymous said...

I love tights so much. I bought a new pair at the fancy Minneapolis Target--they're black with multi-colored stripes. Sure, I don't really have much to wear them with, but they're just so damn fun!

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