the word "need" is not strong enough here


You're telling me that someone out there has taken my childhood Scooby Doo dreams of things like trapdoors and revolving bookcases, combined this with my wine lust, and created a trapdoor spiral wine cellar?

Oh my god, I need to find a way to get $30,000 for the installation and $80,000 or so to purchase the bottles that will fill said trapdoor spiral wine cellar. TRAPDOOR SPIRAL WINE CELLAR!
(Now, with student loan debt and my current employment prospects for 2009, it will only take me... 413 years to save up enough money for this project! Oh, and I suppose having a house would help too. Make that 562 years until this can come to fruition.)


angiesyounglover said...

562 years? i hope, like wine, you only get better with age, or else you probably won't make it down the staircase. maybe they will let you have a discout when you show them that trick you can do with the wine bottle that you performed on new year's eve ;)

Jen said...

Spiral stairs + drunk me going to get more wine = disaster