we who are about to die salute you

Marie Antoinette was decked out in her all-white finery for a date with the guillotine. I, knowing that today was to hold the fateful collision between my need to get a good grade in Financial Management and my inability to actually complete any of the investment and capital structure models, decided to dress like a crocus. Or a daffodill, depending on whether or not I was spinning around in my swingy skirt at that particular point.
After all, if I'm to go down in a ball of flames, I may as well look good doing so.

Cotton cardigan, American Apparel; grey t-shirt, Forever 21; swingy crocus skirt, A Lady;
buckle watch, Marc Jacobs; Until There's a Cure bangle; grey pumps, Seychelles. Terrible
dread of failing my last accounting class of grad school, courtesy this afternoon's midterm.


angiesyounglover said...

i hope it went well! let us know!

Anonymous said...

Cute skirt!

enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

I love this dress.