Navy wool cape, vintage; brown leather gloves, vintage; boring clothes otherwise.

(Two things I love dearly: capes (or capelets) and long leather gloves. Coincidentally, these are two things eBay provides in relative abundance.)

Nothing under the cape is particularly interesting or fashionable, but I guarantee you that more people thought I was well-dressed today because they're not used to seeing capes than because they felt any particular attachment to the dingy brown sweater hidden by this cape. It's like a surprise attack of wardrobing: if you're not expecting it, it's probably going to be something that elicits a compliment.


Ruth said...

my mom made me a cape. it is beautiful.

and i am too shy to wear it for anything except a spring/fall night out with ladies only.

i will show it to you when you move BACK HERE. SOON.

nadarine said...

Ruth! Embrace the cape! Swirl aboutin the cape! That cape you have wants to get out of your closet and go meet the world and be stylin'. You can do this.