greasy grimy gopher guts

Ooooooh-kay. I've been told for years and years that my compulsion to wash and condition my hair every single day is just the product of being constantly sold shampoo by big bad corporations, and that no one needs to wash their hair every 22 hours or so, and so forth.

But now that NPR tells me this, I might actually give it a (very short-term) shot.

I have fine, thin, stick-straight hair. It starts looking greasy when I hit the 26-hours-unwashed mark. I know many of my friends with thick, wavy, or curly hair look at me in horror when I tell them why yes, I do shampoo every single day- but c'mon, guys, you have 1) more hair, 2) more texture, and 3) less oil, apparently, than I do.
But it's spring break, and I'm not going anywhere, and I'm down for a little experiment. I last washed my hair on Wednesday morning, and since I don't have any plans that involve leaving the house or looking presentable until Sunday afternoon, I'll go until then sans shampoo.
I'm shuddering just thinking about this.

I may be resorting to jaunty hats and scarves-as-headwear by tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to hold off on the hair washing as well, but my head itches after, like 1/2 a day?? hmmm.

a lady said...

well, also, you need to ease into it and let the grease be for a few days, shampoo, then let it be for a few days, etc. it should gradually start getting oily less quickly. takes a while, but it's worth it--especially in time saved. when I was a kid I washed it once a week and was ace--no greasiness at all, even with bangs. now I'm every 2-3 days, unfortunately.

Fanya6 said...

I shampoo and condition every day too. There is no shame in it, my dear. No shame.

Anonymous said...

I used to wash my hair every day too. Religiously. And I even have thick hair. But my stylist once told me that my color would last a lot longer if I reduced my washings. So, I finally got it down to washing every other day. And it's not bad. I still prefer the feeling of freshly cleaned hair, but I have noticed a savings in shampoo, conditioner and hair dye.