why yes, I am going to pout about it.

My spring break started today.
Actually, "spring break" starts next week in earnest, but I have no classes to attend nor obligations to fulfill that can't be done via email from now until March 31st. Two-plus weeks of freedom from academic tyranny! And I'm not going anywhere. Dammit.

I'm not the type to fly to Cabo San Lucas for beer bongs and karaoke and hotel rooms shared with seven other girls. I'm more the kind that drives across four states to visit friends and relatives along the way, or spends four days in Mexico City soaking in visual art and chilaquiles, or just walks around NYC enjoying that first whooosh of spring air. Or, best-case scenario, the kind of girl that uses this extended break to to visit the boyfriend who is currently living in the tropical climes of Asia, as she hasn't seen him since October, and he conveniently lives within a daytripping distance of some lovely beaches.

But no, I have a rapidly dwindling bank account balance that must last me through the next two weeks before my final student loan deposit occurs, and that's preventing me from doing pretty much anything fun. The most exotic experience I'm likely to have in the coming weeks will be sitting in the hot tub at the university rec center, and they won't even let me sneak an umbrella drink into the pool area.

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