gettin' lucky in kentucky

I have seen the aforementioned Zappos outlet, friends, and it is gooooooood.

I went in thinking of three specific shoes I hoped to find: closed-toe black leather d'orsay pumps with a heel under 3", Hunter wellies, and my Seychelles cone-heel pumps in black leather.

Instead, I found the Corner of Fancy Shoes, and after trying on gorgeous tri-tone satin Marc by Marc pumps, I walked around the store clutching them to my chest and trying to find a way to afford them. The price tag was down to $163 from $325, but there was a black sticker on them, so I went to ask/beg a sales associate about a "black sticker discount" that would bring them down to a reasonable price for a satin-shoe-deprived grad student.
"The black sticker means 20% off", she said, "but since these are part of the sale, that doesn't count. They're 70% off."
"70% off the $325?", I asked. "Maaaaaybe I can do that. They're so pretty, after all..."
"No- they're 70% off the lowest sticker price. That whole Corner of Fancy Shoes is on sale for 70% off the discount price."

I almost fell over on my stampede back to the Corner of Fancy Shoes to grab up every single shoe I could remember trying on that had fit me even a little bit. My god! 85% off all the gorgeousness I could stuff my feet into!

I was forced into self-restraint due to the sizing of most of these- why do all clearance sections have an abundance of size 7 1/2, and a dearth of size 9?- but came away with two gorgeous pairs of satin shoes. Is satin a terribly practical material for footwear? Of course not. But perhaps you didn't realize just how fucking gorgeous these shoes are.

And no, I never found my d'orsays, my cone-heel Seychelles, or my Hunter wellies. Though I plan to drive to the middle of nowhere, Kentucky at least once more before leaving Ohio to plunder that clearance corner.


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I just swooned. No, really. Like...I just read the 70% off the discount price and my womb almost fled from my body, ready to sell itself into slavery so that I might buy enough new shoes to warrant another beast.