luck be a lady

I have a knee-jerk affinity for all things loteria, even though I don't even know enough Spanish to know what "el catrin" is. (In my mind, it's Spanish for "Mr. Belvedere".) The designs of loteria cards are so striking, and though "magnets" is not really high up on the list of Things I Have to Buy, I do feel that they'd make an excellent replacement for the magnets from the pizza place that currently affix holiday cards to my fridge.

(Etsy has many lovely loteria pieces, as you'd expect, but these are from DamageNoted, and I adore them.)


Fanya6 said...

I looked up "el catrin" and found that it meant "the dandy." Finally. :-)

M said...

yes, el catrin is fancy gay dude. or dandy!