ocd? heavens, no.

I like lists. (I'm finicky about them, too, which is why I'm having such a bitch of a time finding the perfect notebook to keep such lists in.)

In class tonight, rather than pay attention to corporate strategy theory, I made a pre-packing list of the clothes necessary for my Nashville trip this weekend (to include stops at the Zappos outlet en route, and the Venus and Mars vintage store in Nashville- omg Karen Elson omg) to cheer on some seriously awesome marathoner friends.

List contents:

grey silk dress
grey flats
grey jeans
grey wifebeater
grey t-shirt
greige heels
black-and-grey knee-highs

I think I'll have to throw a navy cardigan in there for variety. Because if that list expands to include "grey sweater for potential cold snap", I might have to recognize my dependence on varying shades of light black.


Shannon said...

what? what.

nadarine said...

Shannon: HELLS YES. http://about.zappos.com/zappos-story/outlet-stores

I'm practically drooling in anticipation.

J.Gold said...

I am SO full of jay words. I'm in the same fucking STATE and I'm not going to be there. Tragic!! I better get a drunk dial.