see my vest! see my vest! made of real gorilla chest!

Wifebeater (so very un-PC, but I scoff at the package label "a-shirts"), black H&M vest,
Hudson jeans, Seychelles heels, Marc Jacobs watch that I've taken to wearing
buckle-side-up on my wrist so I can pretend that I have this watch that I covet.

See this sweater! There's none better! Than authentic Irish Setter!

What? You've got to admit that it's catchy.


Fanya6 said...

I swear, I have almost that exact outfit. When I say that, I mean: "I have a wife beater and a vest."

M said...

the best musical song ever!

nadarine said...

M: I think "See My Vest" even beats the Monorail song.