tangled up in blue

Sheer crepe shirt w rosette collar, Venus & Mars Vintage;
high-waisted skirt, American Apparel; greige pumps, Seychelles.
Regular jewelry: Until There's a Cure bracelet, Allumonde ring.

This post title is lazy, because "Tangled Up in Blue" does not at all go with my level of unhappiness right now. I took my laptop to the Genius Bar this morning in a high state of alarm at the noises I heard coming from the hard drive. It wasn't the hard drive, for once, but the optical drive. Oh, and look, the logic board has just decided to fail! Yup, that needs replacing. For a fee, natch. So I'm out several hundred dollars while my baby is shipped off to Tennessee to be remade, which seriously disrupts my plans to spend this week in the library doing research and writing the first draft of my big M.A. faux-thesis. The draft is conveniently due in eight days. I may have my laptop back in seven days. This does not bode well.

(Of course I can suck it up and use the on-campus computer labs for this. And I shall have to. But that's just fucking inconvenient, and also means that I'm at the whim of computer availability in the labs, and also cannot just sit at home at my desk with a full french press of coffee and type away. I know, I know: first-world problems.)


kelly alice said...

hi there!

sometimes i wander over her from FFAF (in case you were wondering). but i wanted to tell you that the library at your school might loan out laptops. if they won't loan them out for extended periods of time, they might loan them at least while you're in the library (which i think is always better than clacking away in a lab). i hope this helps!!!


Ruth said...

this is true! the AA office has a laptop that is supposed to be available for student use...sarah used to take it out on all day/all week loans all the time.

boo yah!

and cute outfit. meow meow high wasted skirt meow.

enterrement vie de célibataire Paris said...

This outfit is so cute.