good day sunshine

Bless you, Endless.com, for your ability to search sunglasses by price and material and color and such. New procrastination tool, and with overnight shipping, too!

I've been making noises for a while now about wanting some new sunglasses that aren't Nicole-Richie-bug-eyes, and before reaching for my wallet, I'm going to deliberate on the following like a responsible consumer. In approximate order from least-oversized to potentially-oversized, I give you:

The A.J. Mogan "Concord", a thrilling $28

The A.J. Morgan "Feline", also cheap-o

The Rampage (yes, Rampage. Shut it.) "Jackie", twenty freaking dollars

More A.J. Morgan- the "Saxon". $28!

And the last of the Wayfarer-esques, the "Maze". $28, as is the theme here.

No, I did not type "Wayfarer" or "Ray-Ban" into the search bar. I just saved the links to everything that made me oooooooh, and damned if they aren't all (well, almost all) so very hipstery, circa 2007 or so. Hmph.

Then again, for the combined price of the five above, I could buckle down and buy the Cole Haan sunglasses I've been eyeing for some time now. I fear they will turn out to be on the unnecessarily large side, as they've got similar measurements to the "Maze" above, but I'm quite taken with them.

My priority should really be to acquire gainful employment before thinking about spending money on sunglasses when I have a perfectly good pair at home, shouldn't it? Damn you, voice of reason.

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