heartthrob heartbreak

This is what it looks like when a dream dies, people.

(image via Go Fug Yourself)

That is Rivers Cuomo, the amazingly talented geek I was in love with from 1994 until Weezer released that terrible Make Believe album. He used to look like this:
...and for god's sake, he made Pinkerton, one of the best albums ever.

And now he's wearing a leopard-print fleece slanket and douchebag sunglasses, and my hopes and dreams of someday hanging out with Rivers to have brunch and talk about how we both love cardigans are shattered into tiny leopard-print pieces.


The Domina said...

I think a piece of me just died. When I first met my SO, he looked just like the old Rivers Cuomo, so much so that other people not infatuated with him would say it, but I have to thank my lucky stars he does not look like the present Rivers Snuggie Cuomo.
Also, don't you know that the "Make Believe" album is named as such so you can make believe it never happened? Please don't ruin my delusion.

Jen said...

I saw that picture at GFY, and my inner teenage self died many times over. Why, Rivers, why?

Ruth said...






Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

oh my, it's amazing what a decade can do to someone!