if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride

Holy shit, I graduate with my master's degrees in a month. (Assuming I don't screw up too badly in the coming weeks.)
Step one: decide on appropriate graduation-ceremony attire that can be worn from 10 a.m. commencement to 5:30 p.m. cocktail party to 8:00 p.m. fancy dinner to 10:30 p.m. decidedly un-fancy graduation boozy bash.
Step two: remember to show up at commencement.
Step three: my dad called last week and asked what I'd like for graduation. "Think big", he urged, which is a dangerous thing to encourage me in. (My father will very likely rescind this encouragement when he realizes that "thinking big" for me extends into four-figure price tags. "Think big but oh my god jesus scale it back a little lest you give me a heart condition" may be his new exhortation.)
For my parents' graduations, and my little brother's undergrad, they all received very nice watches. For my undergrad, I receive a digital camera (back when they were relatively new, and also the size of my outstretched palm, and a 5 megapixel camera was v. fancy). The parents' plan seems to be to get me a present that's somewhat more lasting: something I'll keep around forever as a tangible reminder of my grad-school graduation.
So what the hell do I want? Immediately, my reaction was "a job", but since that's not something that can be purchased for me and gift-wrapped, I've got to think of other things. I have a few ideas, but nothing spectacular yet.

Idea one: a good suit. I own no suits, as I'm going to (hopefully, assuming I'm hired) work in the performing arts, and for the most part, nothing about "presenting modern dance performances" requires a corporate dress code. But a nice grey suit could be a very useful and long-lived item to have in my closet, yes? Something like these, from JCrew:

or these, from Theory:

Please ignore the suggestion of a flared pantleg here. I would not stand for such a thing.

The suit jacket only, obvs. None of this "shorts suit" stuff for me.
Seriously, who wears a shorts-suit?

Suit requirements: must be wool or wool-blend. None of this polyester suit crap. Must also not have flare-leg pants or novelty pockets or anything that I could not see myself wearing at age 70. Preferably a one-button suit jacket, but definitely no more than two buttons.

Idea two: an artwork. This is much more in line with what my dad had in mind, I think, but I'd have to both pick out a piece of art that I felt was the Ultimate Piece (no pressure there!) and coordinate the logistics of shipping and delivery and possibly framing/mounting.

There's also the temptation to suggest that everything on the Apple website would be much appreciated, but I think that would be tempting fate after all the horrible drama (logic board! hard drive! optical drive! more repairs!) that my laptop and I have been through this month.

Going through the wishlist I've saved to my calendar is not a great help, either: things like aviator sunglasses, the complete "A Bit of Fry & Laurie" dvds, and Hunter wellies are not exactly the type of meaningful grad gifts the family has in mind, I'm afraid.

Who knew that answering the question "what do you want for a gift?" would be so hard, eh?


The Domina said...

Congratulations, first off!
Secondly, I highly recommend the suit--a wool crepe is really good as it is suitable for winter and warmer weather. I also suggest getting it with a jacket, a trouser, and a skirt, that way you can mix and match it up. A navy blue or grey would be fab. The 3-pieces were the best graduation gift I got from grad school because even though I was going into the arts as well, it is always nice to wear a suit for an interview.
Artwork is a fab idea, but I still vote for a suit.

nadarine said...

The Domina: thank you, love! I quite like the idea of a three (or four-piece, w dress) suit in a nice classic solid grey. After all, I do have the pink/red/gold shoes to funk it up for arty interviews...

What arts do you work in, btw? Performing? Visual? Other entirely?

The Domina said...

By day, visual arts (art history major archaeology masters worked in art museums and now do work with archaeological collections) by night, performing arts for fun. I am a sucker for community theater, and I run a Readers Theater group, which is fun stuff.

Alexis Zgud said...

A trip to Europe?