putain pour les parfums

I might be slightly obsessed with perfume. (Not to the degree of Miss Skinny Bone Jones, with her detailed scent notes and ability to pick out top notes and such, but obsessed to the point that I won't leave the house without some sort of scent on.)

I also like the "weird" perfumes- the things that smell like concrete and glitter (Demeter's "Hedwig" being my all-time favorite), or heavy doses of smoke and greenery (Cannabis Santal) or exactly like Froot Loops (la Feu d'Issey). It follows that I'm quite taken with the Etat Libre d'Orange line, then, without ever having smelled a single scent. (The unabashedly in-your-face illustrations had something to do with that too- mostly nsfw. This Jasmin et Cigarette was the only really tame logo.)

Currently lusting over:
Vraie Blonde
Je Suis Un Homme
Putain des Palaces
Jasmin et Cigarette
Divin' Enfant
Delicious Closet Queen

Thank god The Perfumed Court has a 1ml sampler pack of the Etat Libre d'Orange scents for $15; I just have to not buy the Sunday Times for three weeks running and I'll be able to justify the purchase. And I should probably stick to dvds borrowed from the library, rather than rented. That'll save up enough for the twelve-scent sampler over the six-scent, right?

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