surreal life

I stopped by the Cincinnati Art Museum this afternoon to see the "Surrealism and Beyond" exhibition before it closes this weekend- surrealism (and Dada) are such a love-it-or-hate-it sort of thing, and I generally fall into the "love" camp. (I wasn't 100% thrilled by this particular exhibition, but that's neither here nor there, and besides, I don't really have the art history knowledge to share any really informed opinion about the structure and support for this particular show.)

I overheard a bunch of high school girls getting really angry about Duchamp's "Fountain", which pleased me completely. I did fear that they were going to come to blows in the gallery, though.

Sadly, no Schiaparelli/DalĂ­ hats were included in the exhibition. Perhaps the CAM knew that I'd be tempted to try it on if it were on display.

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Alexis Zgud said...

Duchamp's Fountain? Amazing.

So very jealous. One of the best art exhibits I ever saw was at the MOMA. It was a retrospective on European modernist-post modernist art.