(I hate the existence of the "loungewear" category, actually. But "fabulous thing I swan about that house in" isn't quite as pithy.)

Yesterday was my last day of classes for grad school- and my last day of school ever, as what Ph.D desire I may have once had has been stomped out of my brain by visions of being able to read for pleasure and entertainment once more, and not for endless analysis.
What might have been a riotous celebration of completion turned into an anticlimactic dinner of burgers and poor service, as we were all in zombie mode by 9:00. I came home, fell into bed before midnight, and didn't wake until 10 this morning. To mark the occasion of my first day of freedom, my "wearing today" is this- and nothing short of an emergency* will make me leave the house and put on actual clothes.

*(Well, ok, I did briefly put on clothes to run to the office and send a fax v quickly to my potential future landlord, but that almost counts: a prevent-self-from-being-homeless emergency.)

Vintage kimono, Etsy.
Triumphant "hells yeah!" hands, two master's degrees in two years.

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