millions of peaches, peaches for me

I stopped by Findlay Market yesterday, and was immediately seduced by the gigantic basket of Georgia peaches for $1.50/lb. Since embarking on the cleaning-out-the-cupboards quest, I realized that I was eating my way to scurvy, and that fruit needed to happen in the very near future, lest I become a malnourished sailor.

I've already eaten all the ripe peaches, but between yesterday's D-Day programs on NPR and the bowl of peaches on the counter, I've been thinking about my grandparents, and about how I only see them once or twice a year and that's not enough, and about my grandma's amazing peach pie. The crust on this is so, so good, and so, so easy. (No, it's not fancy. But it is so pleasingly Midwestern and delicious and sometimes that's exactly perfect.)

Grandma's Fresh Peach Pie


1 1/2 c. flour
2 tsp. salt
2 tbls. milk
1 tbls. sugar
1/2 c. vegetable oil

Combine flour, sugar and salt. Mix oil and milk; stir into flour mixture. (It will be crumbly). Press into pie pan and bake til golden brown. Grandma left no temperature or time instructions here, so just wing it.


1 c. water
1 c. sugar
2 tbls. cornstarch
3 tbls. dry orange or peach Jello
3 c. sliced fresh peaches

Combine water, sugar, and cornstarch, and cook over medium-low heat until clear. Add dry jello. When cool and slightly thick, pour over the sliced peaches. Mix well, and add this filling to the pre-baked pie crust. Serve with whipped cream. This will keep several days without getting soggy.

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