misty watercolor mem'ries of the way we wore

You know, sometimes you just don't want to wear a bra. Especially on days when it's 86+ degrees outside, and another layer of fabric sounds like a terrible idea. Today was that day, and so I thought "braless solution... halter top!"

Halter top, The Limited; sailor-front pencil skirt, H&M;
Urban Outfitters heels; the normal assortment of jewelry.

This halter top may be the oldest item of clothing on regular rotation in my closet. (I also have a disgusting but ridiculously comfortable grey t-shirt that's worn through to nearly the point of transparency, but that's now a gym-only t-shirt.)

My sister gave me this shirt for my high school graduation in 2000. She was off at college already, and had access to The Limited, which was a moderately fancy store in my mind- the nearest mall with such stores was two hours away, and it was reserved for once-yearly school shopping trips. Plus, she knew that a low-cut halter top was exactly the type of thing that the parents would disapprove of, but could not force me to return if it were to come as a gift.
I used to knot the back of this halter up so it was less low-cut (the strap is a solid loop, not a tie), but that impulse passed around the time I figured out how to wrangle breasts. I've worn this shirt for ten summers- even rescuing it from the clutches of a college friend who "borrowed" it for five months and then claimed that she should keep it, as she thought it looked better on her.
Thanks, Lalida, for the best summer shirt I own. And thanks for not letting Mom and Dad throw it out.

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